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Here is a list of part numbers for the open element style air cleaners that were an option on the 7-Litre. As Lou Vecchioni put it,this should make it alot easier than "having to compare mine with every box on the shelf". Thanks to Lou for the idea and to Garnet Ross for supplying the information, which he got from Russ Owens. How's THAT for giving credit!


NAPA 2063

WIX  42063 (they make the NAPA one)

AC 335 C

Mc Fram  CA 114
Mc Fram is a running joke, with Jeff Kanter, who hates Fram filters. So do I. (comment by Russ Owens)
They are the ugly orange ones.

Motorcraft  FA 41

Purolator A 50080

Autozone  STP number SA 114


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