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Here is some documentation supplied to us from Ted Mottor of MA. When he purchased his car in 2010,
it came with a bunch of Dealer Literature. He was nice enough to share it with us. Ted points out that his car
was built for the Ontario market, so there may be some items that were "Canadian" and may not have
appeared in the American market. What I found most impressive was that Ted shot everything on a
Ford Corporate Blue background (this guy is GOOD!). Thanks Ted.

The Goodie Bag
Owner Card
Service Coupons
Owner's Manual
A Peek Inside
Route Tag
Can. Owner's Manual
Inside Cover
Peek in Can. Manual
Good Driver's Manual
Emergency Signs
Photo Descriptions

1) Goodie bag – overall view of the entire contents of the owner’s goodie bag (including original plastic bag).
2) Ownercard – inside the blue plastic folder of the “Maintenance Guide” is the “OWNERCARD” stapled inside.  On a white plastic card (looks like a credit card) is printed the owner’s name, address, date of the car’s purchase, and dealer’s name (and code #) where the car was purchased.  Also comes with a metal strip with the VIN code information stamped on it (with adhesive strip on back to attach).
3) Service Coupons – the “1966 Maintenance Guide” itself has 24 pages.  It includes a page for each scheduled service (3k miles, 6k, 12k, 18k, 24k, 30k, and 36k) and what services should be performed on the car.  After each service the perforated right-hand side of the page is torn off.
4) USA manual – 72 page manual showing all important features, functions, and specs on the car.  The cover simply says “1966 Ford”.  This version states “Litho in USA” on the back cover and “First Printing, July 1965” inside the front cover.
5) A Peek Inside – a sample page inside the USA manual.
6) Routetag – original route tag from the delivery truck.  This one is dated 12/4 (of 1965).  Has boxes for “Part No.”, “Quantity”, “Checked”, “Car or Truck No.”, and “Delivery Location”.
7 ) CAN manual – 68 page manual showing all important features, functions, and specs on the car.  The cover says “This is Your 1966 Ford Registered Owner’s Manual”.  This version states “Litho in Canada” and “1st Printing” on the back cover.  There are 3 sections at the front of the booklet (Registered Owner Plan, Warranty, and Foreward) that are in both French and English.  The rest of the booklet is all in English.
8 ) Inside Cover - Inside the cover of the “1966 Ford Registered Owner’s Manual” (Canadian printing) is handwritten info on the owner, the car, and the dealer including: owner name/address, paint color, VIN #, dealer name/address, and delivery date.
9 ) Peek in Can. Manual – a sample page inside the Canadian manual.
10 ) Good Drivers Manual ” – this is a triple-fold-out pamphlet called “a manual for good drivers”.  Inside are helpful hints, practical pointers, and tips on good driving and the importance of safety maintenance.
11) Emergency Signs – the “manual for good drivers” completely unfolds to reveal 2 different emergency signs you can place in your window if you are ever stranded.  One side reads “SEND HELP” and the other reads “NEED GAS”.

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