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Starter Replacement

by Russ Owens


OK, here is your short cut of the day for removing the starter on that FE.

The bottom two bolts are easy, but save them for last. The top one is more easily removed if it isn't taking the weight of the starter after removing the bottom two, so do it first.

You will need two long 3/8 drive extensions, 12 inches each, and maybe even another 3 incher.
I put the socket on the extension and run it over the motor mount from the front, adding another extender until it is accessible at the front of the engine, then put the ratchet drive on it.

Once that bolt is out, the other two are easy.

Then of course, is the twisting and turning to get the starter down past the steering, etc.

This is just a matter of try it until you get it. Turning the steering one way or the other MAY be of help, but I honestly do not remember. For reassembly, save that top one for last, after snugging up the bottom two.



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