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Timing Chain Spacer

Here's a tip that I got thanks to Russ Owens, the guy I consider the 7 Litre answer man. After re-assembling the motor, we noticed a loud "Clacking" that we isolated to the top, front of the engine. Not wanting to start ripping apart the freshly built engine, I went on to the 7 Litre group and put out an APB. Russ said that if we had changed the timing chain and gear set, that it was almost surely a problem with the old spacer. It turns out that the new gears come with the spacer as part of the gear. Adding the original spacer pushes the gear out too far.


Lucky for us, the only damage was some slight grooves cut into the aluminum timing chain cover. Russ said this mistake pushed his cam back, caused a back fire and he lost compression on 2 cylinders. Quite a costly little spacer!

In the images to the right you can see the spacer in place. Notice the new timing chain gear has the attached spacer. Upon removing the timing chain cover, we realized Russ was right. We noticed the grooves in the cover and saw the double spacer when we removed the upper gear.

We simply removed the @#$%ing spacer, and then proceeded to put the front of the engine back together.

Try and avoid gasket damage if at all possible. We had to replace the timing cover gasket as well as the water pump gaskets. We got lucky on the fuel pump gasket. It was fine.

You can click on any of the images to see more detail if needed.

Notice the gear has the spacer built in


Note the spacer in the middle of the image


Hopefully you can avoid having to do this step!


Light scoring of the cover was the only damge.
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