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Welcome to the 7-Litre Website
This site was created to offer information to those of us who have a love for this rare breed of Muscle Car. In researching information for my own car, I found there is alot of information out there. It just is not in one place. Through the efforts of many of the people in the 7-Litre Group on Yahoo, I have been able to resolve almost every issue that has come up with regard to proper equipment, where to get parts, what NOT to do, what belongs and what doesn't on a 7-Litre. - Editor

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As of 2023
1966 Ford Galaxie 7-Litres are known to still exist
678 Hardtops
420 automatics
183 4 speed (includes 7 R Codes)
75 unknown.
324 Convertibles
176 automatics
120 4 speed (includes 2 R Codes)
28 unknown.

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The Jay Leno 7-Litre Story

Some 7-Litreites on the stage of the Tonight Show

The Jay Leno/7-Litre story goes back to 2007 and earlier. Over the years Jay has talked to a few 7-Litre guys about their cars and in 2007 we helped him locate and restore his very own 7-Litre. Jay invited Vince Panicola, Russ Owens and Garnet Ross to come visit the show and get a tour of the garage, so in January 2014, they took him up on his offer and went to LA.

Check here for the entire story and pictures of the trip


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