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1966 7 Litre Convertible

76D R 88 16H 32 4 5

Registry #1277

Ev Visk

This car was spotted at a show at Knott's Berry Farm in California. It is a 4 speed car, done in original Ivy Green. One extremely interesting thing about this car is that it is the EARLIEST PRODUCED 7 Litre known. Making it one of, if not THE first 7 Litre ever built. One other odd thing, is I didn't know this when I created this photos section, yet somehow chose it to be first, even above my own car. Can you hear the eerie violin music playing? As Felix Unger would say, "La fortza del destino!".

1966 7 Litre Convertible

76D Z 88 10J 23 4 5

Registry #1033

Vince Panicola
Factory 4 speed car. One of 429 4 speed convertibles built. AM/FM Radio. Engine overhauled in July 2007. Original Engine, bored .040 over, new timing chain and gears, oil pump, bearings and mild, solid lifter cam. Car had been changed over to drum brakes at some time in its life, but that has now been corrected with a 79 T-bird Disc Conversion. Car started life as a Sage Green (Sauterne Gold) with Light and medium Ivy Gold interior.

1966 7 LitreConvertible

76D T 86 01L 14 4 5

Registry #1041

Rob D.
Factory 4 speed car in its original color. Optioned with AM/FM, power seat and reclining passenger seat, 8 track stereo, dealer installed 427 headers, Ford aluminum intake, and engine dress up kit.. Original owners manual and owner card.

1966 7 Litre

76D T 86 23L 23 4 5

Registry #701

Dave Horne Candy Apple Red on Black 4 speed.
Metallic Red

1966 7 Litre

76D X B3 02L 33 4 4

Registry #700

Don & Carole Andrews Vintage Burgundy on Parchment with C-6 automatic.

1966 7 Litre

6E63Q20519676D V 84 07B 25 4 4

Registry #1053

Garnet Ross

This car was produced in Mahwah, NJ, Feb 7, 1966 for the Richmond VA Sale Office, consigned to B & F Auto Sales, in Bethel, NC and sold to Homer J. Sivilles on 2/26/66. Car was first registered in Ontario in April 1981. The car had 35k miles registered. Since 1981, the car has had 6 owners, all of whom live within a 25 mile radius. They all see the car at least once a year. I bought the car in September 1996 with just over 40k miles. Today, it has just over 70k miles. Regular maintenance and repair have kept it as original to factory specs. as possible. The engine was rebuilt in 2007. New white top installed in 2001. It has the original K/H front brakes, C-6, AM radio with rear speaker and original interior.One repaint in1981 and needs it again soon. The frame and suspension are as clean as the day it left the assembly line. We have had great fun owning and driving this car.

1966 7 LitreConvertible

76D 8 86 20F 41 4 4

Registry #640

Tom Thomas Another of Tom's collection. Purchased from Ev Visk.This was the car Ev let Jay Leno drive, when Jay invited Ev and his wife to the tonite show. Jay gave them tickets to the show, met them afterwards and they went for a ride in this car. Then Jay had them out to his garage for a private tour of the Big Dog Garage.

1966 7 Litre Convertible

76D T 85 16J 43 5 5

Registry #678

Cliff Whitaker

An original Candy Apple Red 4 speed car. 3.50:1 open rear.
Sold on 6-16-02 on ebay and then Cliff bought it on 5-2-04 from a classic car dealer in Tulsa Oklahoma. It is in great condition with 40,000 on the odometer.  

1966 7 Litre

76D V 84 08L 41 F 4

Registry #690

Kenneth Spisak Jr.

The car is in very nice original condition. Purchased by the current owner in June of 2010. The re-paint is in excellent condition. All chrome trim is in place and in good condition.The instrument panel was restored to original color as someone had painted the complete dash the exterior color. Repaired and refinished the original steering wheel,repaired the lower parts of door trim panels,removed and polished the lower trim on dash and hand painted new woodgrain to closely match original. Steam cleaned under carriage,replaced suspension bushings front and rear,cleaned and painted under hood and engine back to original appearance. Had a new top boot made in Emberglo. Restored all the 7 Litre and Galaxie 500 and wheel cover emblems. Replaced top seals and window seals. Removed paint and overspray from any part not painted from the factory ,wiper transmissions,door latches,fender bolts Also has a rare 2.80:1 locking rear end.

1966 7 Litre


76D T 86 11D B2 4 5

Registry #811

Arnt Pedersen Candy Apple Red 4 speed car. Purchased by current owner in Feb. of 2013. A arms, inner fenders, sway bar, front cross member powder coated. Engine: Rebuilt, bored 0.3, forged pistons, hardened seats, "P" code intake, Manifold SCJ, Carburator 1968 428 SCJ, Distributor 1966 427 dual point converted to electronic ignition, Edelbrock hi flow water pump to factory appearance, (original) chrome engine dress up kit. 4-speed original top loader, 31 spline 9" rear End. Interior restored to factory pattern, HAARTS cloth convertible top with rear glass. AM/FM radio, power (driver) seat, power windows, factory bumper guards. The car is in use as much as the weather allows.
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