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Remembering a Friend -
A Tribute to Dave Horne, one of our Founding Members
July 11th, 2014
Dave Horne had four things that were important to him in life. His family, his friends, his career and his Ford Galaxie 7-litre cars. To me it was difficult to determine which had priority so it would only be fair to say that all of them had equal priority. And, of course, the "Mecca" of all things Ford would be the All Ford Car Show at Carlisle Pennsylvania. I never knew Dave to miss one of these shows until June 2014 and this was due to ongoing health problems which prevented him from attending. June 1997 is very vivid in my mind as I had recently purchased my Galaxie 7-Litre and my purpose for attending the All Ford Show in Carlisle was to learn as much as I could about this rare car. So, in the early afternoon of Friday, there I was with Dave walking the isles of Carlisle vendors looking at parts with Dave. The master and his apprentice were together. Him with his eagle eye for the illusive 7-Litre part and I tagging along in tow trying to pick up any inkling of knowledge. But there was no sense of Master and apprentice about the process. Dave was so willing to share his knowledge and experience with anyone and everyone. I was no exception. Every year after that first experience was an education for me. Just being around Dave was a delight as he would always have something of interest to share with everyone. In the early 2000's, Dave was preparing to install an engine in one of his many 7-Litre cars. I kind of invited myself over to Flat Rock to "help" him do that installation. The master again demonstrated his patience and skills in allowing me to watch and help and in doing so, learn. And many of his 7-Litre buddies will never forget several weekends where we "invaded" Dave's home and garage and sifted through all his parts and pulled boxes down from shelves and tinkered with cars while Dave stood by and watched. Such a generous person with all that knowledge to share with all of us cannot be forgotten. I have far too many memories of good times with Dave. The attached picture I took of Dave at Carlisle in 2011. We had just returned from the park and were sitting in the hotel room and Dave was just so relaxed and comfortable in his surroundings. I grabbed the camera and "click", the moment was captured. I will treasure this picture as it clearly shows the twinkle in his eye and that warm friendly smile that was almost his trademark. I do not prescribe to any religious demonimation or phylosophy of any kind but religious teachings talk about and believe in eternal life after death for our spirits and our souls. I have no idea what happens in death but I sure hope that Dave is in another realm surrounded by his 1966 Galaxie 7-Litre cars.
-Garnet Ross
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