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Meeting of the Elders 2008

Every once in awhile, in the traditions created by our forefathers and according to Galaxie Tribal Law, the "Meeting of the Elders" takes place at a top secret government, undisclosed location. Or in this case, Dave Horne's house. This year's meeting had the likes of none other than Dave Horne(since he has the keys to the place), Garnet Ross, Tom Volpne, Russ Owens, John Smith and Adrian Clements. From the photos below, suffice it to say it was a "Rip Roarin Good Time". The libations flowed almost as easily as the B.S. did, as stories and information were shared. Adrian brought along some interesting information that included Color Swatch books, showing Interior and Exterior options. A great time was had by all, as any chance for a group of old friends to get together makes for a fun weekend.

The Elders

"I'm telling you Adrian,these
will bolt right on to a '67!"

"Oh wait a minute, those
are for a '66"


"We always keep someone close
to watch the young guys! "


"Don't look now Adrian, but I think
we are being watched!"


"Hmmmmm, I think I like them ALL!"

"We have to figure out how to use the timer so we can all get in the picture "



"Let's See... Blue with Green Interior? No. How about
Sahara Beige with Emberglo Interior? No........"


"Now where is that Utica Club Russ asked for?"


"Sometimes these get togethers get
a little CRAZY!"


"And the winner of the MR. GALAXIE 2008 contest is... "

"If these guys don't stop saying a '66 is better than a '67 I'm gonna LOSE IT! "

"Let's see if there is any new interesting
stuff on the 7-Litre site "


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