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In Memory of a Friend -
A Tribute to Felix Gonzalez, a true 7-Litreite
March 20th, 2018

It is with a heavy heart, that we must say goodbye to one of our most beloved members, Felix Gonzalez, of Florida. Felix died March 20th, 2018 in a tragic accident in his barn while working on one of his cars. Our hearts go out to his wife Amalia and his family. Our only solace is that at least he died while doing what he loved to do. All who knew and loved him were devastated by the news. Those of you, who knew Felix, know he was one of the friendliest, happiest and generous guys you could ever hope to meet. Felix came onto the 7-Litre scene around 2008 and came up from Florida to our annual meeting at Carlisle Ford Nationals in 2009. He had spoken with Garnet Ross and me about making the trip, saying he would like to meet everyone in person. While on the phone, I had casually mentioned that I loved Cuban sandwiches from my time spent living in Tampa. Felix remarked that you’ve never really had a Cuban sandwich till you’ve had one from Miami. In true Felix fashion, he showed up to our cookout that Friday night at the hotel with a small cooler full of Cuban sandwiches that he carried with him the whole way from Florida (and he was right….they were sooooo good)!
He helped many of us with a rare part. I was lucky enough to have spoken with him just a week or two before his passing. He was once again helping someone in the group who needed a set of KH wheels. Russ had a chance to visit Felix’s ranch in Florida in June of 2016, because Felix had of course offered a 66 Galaxie frame from a 7 Litre hardtop, free to anyone who needed one. It had been blasted and painted, and was in perfect condition. It was easily worth $800 or more, but instead Felix donated it to a couple who had purchased the red hardtop from the estate of our old friend Dave Horne, and it needed a frame. Russ volunteered to pick it up. He had a great visit, Cuban food, stayed the night, and loaded the frame the next day.
Many of our members wrote to the 7-Litre website to express their sorrow at his passing and offer kind words. Over and over it was the same…”Felix helped me when I needed something,” “Felix was always such a pleasure to talk to”, “Felix was the most generous guy”, “Felix will be dearly missed by all.”

On a personal note When I was sick in 2017, Felix would contact me frequently to see how I was making out. It was always a joy to hear from him, because you could hear the "smile" in his voice when he spoke. I could write pages about all the help he gave me and all the great memories I have of my interactions with Felix, but suffice it to say, it was an honor for me to have known him.
For those of you who didn't have the chance to meet Felix, you missed knowing a very special person. Russ was kind enough to share a picture or two of Felix. As you can see, his smile was contagious. There a few from other pages of the website. We are sharing those as well. As Russ said to me, “He will be sorely missed in our Galaxie universe”. - Vince Panicola
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