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What is a 7-Litre?

In 1965 Ford Motor Car Division decided to introduce a new engine, using the FE block from the 352, 360 and 390 ci engines. This new powerplant would sport 428 ci, and would be a high torque, streetable big block. It was dubbed the "Thunderbird 7-Litre " and was slotted to appear on some of the 1966 models. Fords executives decided that what better way to introduce the engine than to create a special marque to showcase it. Using a Galaxie 500, with an XL Interior, some added features and some custom badges, the FORD 7-Litre was born. It was available in either Hardtop or Convertible, in either automatic or 4 speed transmission. Marketed as the "Quietest Quick Car, or the Quickest Quiet Car", the car offered a combination of comfort and muscle. It had available options like Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Seats Cruise Control and AM/FM Radio. Available one year only as a separate model, it was also available as an option package on the 1967 model. It is interesting to note that a 1966 XL could be ordered with the 428 for several hundred dollars less, making the 7-Litre that much more rare, as you were paying extra for the badges.

An example of the rarest of the rare. a 7-Litre Convertible with 4spd transmission.
Approximately 429 were produced, with 81 known to still exist. The only version
rarer were the 2 that were equipped with the legendary 427 side oiler.

Some Notable Features of a 7-Litre
* 428ci Engine. 345 hp
* Front Wheel Disc Brakes
* Full Wheel Covers
* Cast Chrome Grill
* Dual Exhaust with Dual Resonators
* Bucket Seats with Center Console
* Wood Grain Steering Wheel
* 7-Litre badges on the Front Grill, Front Fenders,
Rear Deck Lid and Glove Box
* 9 3/8" Rear End


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