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Carlisle 2008

This year proved to be a year of many firsts at Carlisle. It was the first time that Russ Owens missed it, in 10 years. It was the first year Vince Panicola got to attend. It was the first year a (4.) 7 Litre appeared with our cars, thanks to Scott "Who's got my Cookies" Mc Vicker. We got to meet some of the new 7 Litre owners, like Ken Gucker, Clint Sheesley, and Paul Phillips to name a few.

The picture to the right shows some of the group.
From left to right: Lars Severance, Ken Gucker, Paul Houck,
Jim Larock, Ed Kepner, Vince Panicola, Tom Volpone, Paul Phillips, Dave Horne.
Absent from the shot are Garnet Ross, Charlie Trudel, Paul Battaglia, Scott McVicker, Lou Vecchioni, Barry Spaar, Bruce Miller, Bobby Snipes, Clint Sheesley, Bill Wichman,Walter Ziegler.

Ed Kepner took 1st Place in our division- Nightmist HardTop w/ parchment interior
Bobby Snipes took 2nd- Wimbeldon White HardTop w/ red Interior
Walter Ziegler took 3rd - Candy Apple Red HardTop w/ black interior

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