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Carlisle 2010

Carlisle Ford Nationals 2010 proved to be another success. We had the best attendance yet. Last year we had alot of rain. This year we dodged most of it, with the exception of those brave souls who manned the tents at the top of the mountain as the wind and rain blew in. It was like a scene from the Ten Commandments. The only down side is that all the old classics were relegated to the obscure hill at the back of the field, while the evergrowing numbers of late model Mustangs got the prime locations. On the bright side, we had a nice evening for the annual cookout. We teamed up with the Mustang club for a very successful and fun evening with all our 7-Litre friends.

The picture to the right shows some of the group. From left to right: Lou Vecchioni, Felix Gonzalez, Paul Phillips, Vince Panicola, Dave Horne, Lars Severance, Ron Barnhardt, Tom Volpone, Paul Houck, Ken Gucker, Russ Owens, Charlie Trudel, Jim Larock, Mike Patak, Shawn Walsh, Bill Wichman and Paul Battaglia.

Absent from the shot: Bruce Miller, Barry Spaar, Bobby Snipes, Ed Kepner

Charlie Trudel took 1st Place in our division AGAIN- Raven Black HardTop w/ black interior
Ron Barnhardt took 2nd- with Big Blue
Ed Kepner took 3rd - Nightmist Blue Hard Top w/ Parchment interior.

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