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Manchester, NH 2016

The "Cruisin' Downtown, Manchester NH" show is a HUGE event that attracts many of our New England friends, in the fall. This year, Vivian Hartlett of Lost Legends Restorations, was looking to assemble a bunch of the cars she has restored, at the event to showcase her work. This includes at least 3 7-Litres, owned by Charlie Trudel, Ted Mottor and Ron Viterelli. Unfortunately, Ron was not able to attend. But, as luck would have it, the 7-Litre website had just been contacted a week before, by a new member who happens to live nearby. His name is Bob Capozzi and he owns a nicely restored, and very rare Emberglo and Parchment, 4 speed convertible....exactly like the one Ron Viteralli was going to bring! Vince had been up to New England the week before with his family, and hooked up with the Trudel family in Boston. Charlie suggested Vince come up, to see the show, hang with the 7-Litreites and finally get to meet Vivian, the 7-Litre restorer, extraordinaire. The rest, as they say, is history.

The picture to the right shows some of the group. From left to right: Bob Capozzi, Vivian Hartlett, Vince Panicola, Charlie Trudel, Cristianne Trudel, and Ted Motter.

Ted's Emberglo and parchment convertible, won an award for "Our Favorite Car", by one of the sponsors. He has won an award the past few years in a row. Charlie's black on black hardtop had won "Best in Show" a few years back.


Cars as far as the eyes can see!

A Rare Sight

Nice Rear Ends!

Another View From the Front

The Gang by the Cars

Ted with Plaque
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